Postgraduate Program

A teacher training course  can offer you the foundation for for a life time of personal and professional growth with the Alexander technique. But no training course, however, can give you all you need. At best it will provide you with facilities to engage with life constructively.

Alexander himself lamented that the teacher-training course he was offering was far too short. His first students extended a year; he believed however that the course should be 6 years.

Many who graduate from a teacher training program experience a lack of proficiency when starting to teach independently. An instability of self use, a superficial understanding of the principles involved in ‘means whereby’ procedures, insufficient sensitivity and flexibility in hands-on communication, a rigidity in communication skills can raise existential questions, undermining confidence and can cause habits to set deeply into one’s teaching, limiting the work.

At the Alexander Technique Centre Berlin we offer a post-graduate training of anything from one to three semesters. Post-graduates are integrated into the Teacher Training Class and guided individually towards a comprehensive proficiency, heightening awareness, deepening their understanding of the Technique and improving their teaching skills.

We give particular attention to:

  • Stabilizing one’s individual use,
  • Coming to presence,
  • Heightening sensory appreciation,
  • Refining hands-on skills,
  • Deepening understanding in imparting constructive awareness and conscious control in all teaching situations,
  • Non-doing and conscious communication in hands on work,
  • Developing a profound understanding of the interrelatedness of the principles of the AT,
  • AT as a non-hierarchical, dialogue-oriented process of mutual growth and development,
  • Distribution of energy to facilitate fullness of presence and optimize functioning,
  • A broad understanding of the healing aspects of the Alexander Technique.

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Teacher Training Course

Personal And Professional Development Program

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