Workshops/ Seminars/ Events

Introduction Workshop

This 3.5 hour workshop offers beginners an insight into the facinating subject The Use Of The Self, the core of the Alexander Technique.

  • Max. 8 Participants

Intensive Weekend

For anyone wishing to intensify their understanding of their own ‚Use‘ – their physical and psycholgical make-up – and enrich their approach to the dynamics of personal stimulus/response patterns.

This workshop gives an insight into the effectiveness of a continuous application of the Aexander Technique as experienced in the Teacher Training Course.

Summer Intensive

Once again we are happy to announce our Summer Intensive meeting in Schloss Bröllin. Traditionally between 80 and 90 students and Teachers meet to exchange and learn from each other. This year 2024 we’re pleased to have with us the SeniorTeachers Refia Sachs from London, Odysée Gaveau from Paris, Dan Armon from Tel Aviv, Carsten Möller from Copenhagen, and Mitti Harilo from Tampere, Finland.

This meeting is open to any Teacher os Student of the Alexander Technique. For inquieries please use our contact sheet.